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At Time, Love is - Part 2 by cusackanne
At Time, Love is - Part 2
Last Page - Page 1
Next Page - ???

Here is the next page for my little comic project~ I admit the background is very lazy but its South Park. XP Anyways... Stan manages to calm Wendy down (And she falls asleep as a result) but it also looks like Stan has a plan to try and save the date and make things up to Wendy for making her cry before. What could it be? You'll see in the final page. I hope to get it up some time next week or even over the weekend depending on how strong my inspiration will be, so keep an eye out for it~

I'm actually somewhat proud of the water bursting out of the pipe at the last panel. Could of been better but I think for a first attempt, I think I did okay. ^^; Enjoy~

Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, the character's designs and art style belong to Trey Parker and Matt Stone~

Artwork, idea and comic belong to me of course~


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You can send points for point adoptables or commissions here. :3

Any donations are also appreciated. ^^

Commission prices:

Picture no background - 5 :points:

Picture with simple background - 8 :points:

Picture with moderate background (Effects will be an added bonus and will not change the price) - 10 :points:

Picture with complicated background (Effects may change the price) - 20 :points:

Group pictures - 15 :points: *The amount of characters can make the price change, the only one that will not Pokemon team pictures but I will charge an extra 5 :points: if you want a Trainer in there*

*I have every right to deny a commission if it feels out of my league!*

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For the :icont-r-league: group, otherwise, feel free to ignore. Any trolls not listed either mean I have no interest in them or don't have an opinion on them in order to determine how I feel about them. Anyways, on with the lists:

Top Most Desired Trolls:
Crested Know-No Bird
Compulsively Cleaning Purit-Hen (Will evolve Fawkes into one)

Demented Tittering Gutter Snipe
Electric Biting Critiquill
Hesitant Indecisive Copybara
Magnificent Masked Mirror Beast
Soul Crushing Thwump
Thorny Tongued Pond Scudder

Secondary Most Desired Trolls:
Avaricious Icy-Hearted Shelldragon (Will evolve Xiuhcoatl into one)
Baleful Monster-Hunting Fangor
Cruel Impersonating Sneak-Wraith

Easily Discouraged Alarmatoad
Faithful Blind Mantis Knight
King-Sized Howling Hippopotass
Mercilessly Mendacious Arsocrux (Will evolve Belinda into one)
Quizzically Silent Skeledolon
Rabid Sabre-Toothed Hypercrite

Trolls I want to get but in no hurry to obtain:
Apathetic Hard-Bitten Grimwulf
Clone Drone
Galumphing Gimme-er
Greater Common Troll
Irritating Glitter-Thang
Lazy Mouth-Breathing Whineosaurus Pest
Notorious Excuse Oughtta-Otter
Pestering Repetitious Whyaye
Radiantly Idealistic Mortejac
Religiously Offended Cactiyandere
Timid Nipping Slugwug
Yellow-Bellied Wailing Waah-er

Trolls I'm uncertain about owning (THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME):
False Faced Yuk-Yuk
Fumbling Priority Less Tweaker
Hovering Nervous Clingy Cossewary
Idle Pan-Handling SnorkYork
Lesser Common Troll

Trolls I will never own:
Deviantly Disregarding Douchebag (Not a fan of its design)
Grotty Fen-Sucked Fustileech (Not a fan of what its based on nor do I like its design)
Obnoxiously Nattering Yik-Yik (Just... No. XD)
Slovenly Germ-Ridden Pestiferus (...So obvious I don't need to list a reason. XP)
Stubborn Clinging Stinging Ronzor (Cloppy is bad enough. XD)
Trapdoor Shrieking Wingnut (Just no, I hate spiders. XD)
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I'm just an ordinary girl with a passion with drawing. But I don't draw to gain fame or anyone's approval. I draw as a hobby and its something I enjoy. I like making friends as well, but I prefer to take time getting to know someone instead of rushing. I love to roleplay as well. =3

I have a ton of interests, some times it feels like I have too much, hehe. Don't feel afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. ^^

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brent-roswell Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist I had an incredibly strange dream about Skyrim.... <xD

Thought you might be interested since you're a Skyrim fan and all =p
cusackanne Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What happened? XD
brent-roswell Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Crap, forgot to reply to this comment.. <xD sorry, I'll just copy/paste what I told my friend about my dream below xP

Oh boy...where can I begin? :XD: Well, my Khajiit character woke up in Lakeview Manor with Ulfric Stormcloak as his husband.....whom I had previously killed and Shouted to ashes in the Imperial campaign... <xD (in the Dragonborn DLC, you can use the Unrelenting Force Shout to literally turn them into a pile of ash when you shout at them, so I killed Ulfric in this way =p) anyways, he was in my kitchen standing in front of the oven, and he goes into "conversation mode" with me and says to me "We need more bread for the fire, I'm making fox for dinner." So a dialogue option said "Why do you need bread for the fire?" (Which is exactly what I was thinking xD) and Ulfric replied "Who are you to question how a Nord cooks a fox? Besides, bread has many uses...he he.." which he said in a disturbingly sultry tone... <xD so the conversation mode ended and I was free to move again, and I received a quest aptly named "Bread For The Fire".. and by the way, let it be known that the "quest" had absolutely NOTHING to do with bread, and all references to bread ceased after I left the manor.. I'll explain what happened <xP

So I had my Khajiit character leave Lakeview Manor and go to a nearby town to get as much bread as possible, but before I even got a few meters away from my house, I saw an enemy healthbar appear at the top of my screen titled "Hadvar's Head"...which confused the fuck out of me, until I looked up and saw hundreds of heads falling from the sky, and as their name implies, they were all Hadvar's heads....yeah, Hadvar, the Imperial Nord guy you escape Helgen with.. <xD so, Ulfric appears right behind me and shouts "By Talos, the Heads of Hadvar are here to consume our world! Ready yourself for battle my love, for we are going to make a feast out of these heads!" to which he draws his weapon to prepare for fighting them (I forget whether it was a sword or axe, but whatever xP), then Hadvar's heads hit the ground and bounce up, floating in mid-air. All of the heads were speaking non-stop in unintelligible, it almost sounded like they were talking backwards <xD anyways, the heads floated towards us and began biting at us while I was swinging my sword at them, and they exploded in blood and dropped "brain meat" and "blood-covered gold" as loot... <xD the heads eventually ended up killing Ulfric and all started focusing on me, to which I ran off towards Riverwood to find Hadvar himself in case he was behind all of it.

During my "escape" to Riverwood, I passed a Khajiit caravan where all of the Khajiit were assisting me by throwing raw rabbit legs (don't ask.. <xD) at the floating Hadvar heads, which caused them to explode into this green mist and leave ash piles of the same colour. I used the caravan to slow the heads down, which evidently worked as I no longer could see the heads chasing me. I eventually made it to Riverwood and saw Hadvar standing in the middle of the town with no clothes on (he wasn't "naked", he was wearing that loin-cloth underwear that males wear in Skyrim :p) as a blue-white light was shining around him in a perfect circle...looking sort of like a magic ward. I approached Hadvar, which gave him an "angry" expression and caused him to literally Shout a single chunk of raw beef at me, which surprisingly took away more than half of my health as it hit me.. o_o (ok seriously, I have NO idea what the purpose of meat is in this dream.. I can't explain it <xP) So of course, I wanted vengeance for that, and after drinking some healing potions, I unsheathed my sword and prepared for an epic battle...but as soon as my sword made contact with Hadvar's body, he was killed and his body disappeared into a purple vortex (like a Dremora), which caused skulls to fall from the sky. The skulls weren't aggressive, they were just regular "item" skulls that you could pick up. I guess the skulls represented the Heads of Hadvar because I seemingly killed their source? I don't know =p Immediately after that, all of Riverwood's townsfolk walked out of their houses and began to EAT the skulls on the ground..complete with loud crunching and cracking noises... <xD Then Delphine (who was wearing her original tavern dress) approached me and said "There is enough food here for the entire village! Thank you, Dragonborn!"

And that's about where my dream ended... :XD: yeah, I had a hell of a time during the course of my dream xD
cusackanne Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wooooooooooow. XD
Colbalt-Lion Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015
Thanks for the watch.
cusackanne Featured By Owner Edited Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No prob

Thanks for the watch back
Colbalt-Lion Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015
You're welcome.
ShockAdopt Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
brent-roswell Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey, you there? =p
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