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Jerri and Precious Babiez~ by cusackanne
Jerri and Precious Babiez~
Jerri and Precious had two babies as a result of their breeding~ They got Jerri's basic design due to zer being more colorful, but they got their father's eyes, so its something~ ^^

So, they got a girl and a boy, Zen can pick which one she wants and the other I'm either going to keep or give to someone. ^^

Sorry they don't look very baby-ish, I did my best to at least make them look younger. XD

Anyways, enjoy~

Anyways, here's their stats:



Attack: 3

Defense: 3

Innate Talent: Carbon Copy

Owner: :icontazzylion:


FEMALE (Orange)

Pepon (Greek meaning "Pumpkin")

Attack: 3

Defense: 4

Innate Talent: Carbon Copy

Owner: :iconlunashewolf:

Designs, Jerri (C) Mes~

Precious (C) :iconzenarrausj7:

Cuddly/Flaming Mip species (C) :iconrinjapine:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Destiny Cover by cusackanne
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Destiny Cover
Update: The cover is finished~

Okay, the cover is finally done! ^^ :party:

Anyways, I'll explain the characters shown without giving out too many spoilers.

Team Destiny is formed by Chelsea the Eevee, Aura the Riolu, Amber the Vulpix and Static the Shinx.

Chelsea is the main character, a young 12 year old human, transformed into an Eevee but has no memory of how or why. Her most noticeable feature is her hetero eyes. She is brave and reckless, often going to other Pokemon's aid without even hesitating. Unknown her propose in the Pokemon Universe is bigger than she could ever imagine...

Aura is the secondary leader of Team Destiny. Despite being a Riolu, he is surprisingly timid and hesitant, the complete opposite of Chelsea. However, the more he spends time with her, the more her nature rubs off on him. He can also use Aura Sphere by making copies of him through Double Team, and have one of the clones help him generate enough aura to form a sphere, which he either throws at the opponent or rushes at them, pushing the aura ball against them. Even if he's timid at first, he makes up for it with undying loyalty.

Amber is a young Vulpix who wanted more in life than living peacefully with her family. Given the necklace she wears as a way to remember them, she left and eventually befriends a Shinx named Static. As time goes on, her friendship with him may turn into something more, perhaps... Amber is the calm and calculating type, observing the situation before preforming any actions.

Static is a naive and often, trouble proned Shinx who is a close friend to Amber. He can be very oblivious, but can be surprisingly smart if the siutation calls for it. He has no known family and could be an orphan. Though his necklace could be a family heirloom. Out of the group, he's not the brightest but he never makes a moment dull!

Slash is a very strong and wise Absol. Some times it is hard to figure him out but deep down, he has a huge heart of gold, and will not hesitant to rush into battle to protect those he cares for, or defend his guild. He is the boss of the guild, and has help through his best friend, Nimrit the Gardevoir. He acts as a foster father to Nimrit's child, Beryl. He has a scar on his left eye (Not shown).

Nimrit is a shiny-ish Gardevoir whom is Slash's closest friend and secondary boss of the guild he runs. She can take her job quite seriously, but like any Gardevoir, is protective and will do everything in her power to help protect others. She has a daughter named Beryl.

Beryl is Nimrit's daughter. Rather quiet and withdrawn, Beryl prefers to help her mother and Slash with the guild rather than going out and socializing. She wears a beryl stone on her horn (Not shown), a gift from the father she never got to meet.

Dusk is a Houndoom surrounded by mystery. No more info is known about him.

Diantha is a mysterious Shiny Shaymin whom appears to be from a place that supposedly only known as a myth. No more info is known about her.

The shadowed figure is an evil, cruel and sadistic power-hungry Pokemon who seeks ultimate power. No other info is known.

The six crystals, known as Life Crystals, are a key element in the story, shown in the six colors of the rainbow. I will not give out any more info on them as it'd spoil the whole story. XP

The items shown on Team Destiny are special items they shall be wearing from now on.
Chelsea wears a special aura bow, called a Wonder Bow, which gives her a 5% boost in stats, making her a bit stronger than most Eevees.
Aura wears a special stash, known as the Spiritual Stash, that increases his attack power and speed by 5%.
Amber wears a Flare Stone that increases her fire attacks by 5%, and if under sunny weather, it increases her fire power to 10% instead.
Static wears an Electric Fang, granting him a 5% boost in attack, special attack and speed.

So yeah, I'll have to work on a prologue for the comic soon... Hopefully. So yeah, enjoy the cover~ ^^

Cover, story, Team Destiny, Slash, Dusk, the shadowed figure, the crystals, the equipped items shown on Team Destiny (C) Mes~

Nimrit, Beryl (C) :iconmoonwhing:

Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon belongs to Nintedno, Game Freak, etc


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You can send points for point adoptables or commissions here. :3

Any donations are also appreciated. ^^

Commission prices:

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Picture with simple background - 8 :points:

Picture with moderate background (Effects will be an added bonus and will not change the price) - 10 :points:

Picture with complicated background (Effects may change the price) - 20 :points:

Group pictures - 15 :points: *The amount of characters can make the price change, the only one that will not Pokemon team pictures but I will charge an extra 5 :points: if you want a Trainer in there*

*I have every right to deny a commission if it feels out of my league!*

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I originally joined dA back in 2004, yet... the account remained inactive for 2 years. My brother suggested this site to me and recalling my old account, I decided to revive it. Since then, I've been a member of dA. I've seen its ups and downs, its changes and everything. Over the years, I've met incredible people. Many I've come to see as dear friends. Others I've come to look up to as fellow artists. I've been a member of dA for nearly 10 years now, and I can see myself continuing to be a member for years to come. I hope to continue to make more memories and friends along the way~

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Awesome Skype group buddies~

Best/Closest Friend. I loves you (As a friend, of course)! :D

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I'm just an ordinary girl with a passion with drawing. But I don't draw to gain fame or anyone's approval. I draw as a hobby and its something I enjoy. I like making friends as well, but I prefer to take time getting to know someone instead of rushing. I love to roleplay as well. =3

I have a ton of interests, some times it feels like I have too much, hehe. Don't feel afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. ^^

Current X Team:

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(I actually have Braviary but only using Rufflet until Braviary is added)


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