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SP Animated (ONE DAY) Gift 132 - Rita Wave by Flip-Reaper-Z
(Awesome wave animation was made by :iconflip-reaper-z:

Every comment and favorite is greatly appreciated! :)

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Something for me to keep better track of any remaining requests and commissions~ You can check here if you wanna know the status of your request, art trade or commission, I will update it whenever I can. Commissions, for now, are my main focus. For those I still owe requests to, I will try to get some done here and there whenever I can. Thank all of you for your patience!

Also, until I get all of these done, requests and commissions are closed. Sorry, I just don't want anymore piling up. ^^;

Bullet; Green  = Completed
Bullet; Red  = Not started on
Bullet; Blue  = Started on
Bullet; Orange  = Making models/sheets (Or if not South Park style, making the lineart for other styles. XP)
Bullet; White  = Being worked on, on and off
Bullet; Yellow  = Near completion
Bullet; Pink  = Getting additional things added in GIMP/Other Flash program (Aka almost done)


:iconzecarconnosieur:Bullet; Blue

:iconextremewilson:Bullet; Yellow

:iconkaiserrangerph12345:Bullet; Blue

:iconscarlet-pikachu:Bullet; Orange


:iconrikubattle:Bullet; Red

:iconkennyscream10237:Bullet; Orange

:iconsprinter136:Bullet; Red

:iconatashi-cloud:Bullet; Red

:icondimentedbunniakuma:Bullet; White

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:iconstrawberryflames:Bullet; White

:iconcia-boy:Bullet; Orange

Art Trades:

:iconmochasexual:Bullet; Orange
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cusackanne has started a donation pool!
705 / 9,000
You can send points for point adoptables or point commissions here. :3

Any donations are also appreciated. ^^

Commission prices:

Picture no background - 5 :points:

Picture with simple background - 8 :points:

Picture with moderate background (Effects will be an added bonus and will not change the price) - 10 :points:

Picture with complicated background (Effects may change the price) - 20 :points:

Group pictures - 15 :points: *The amount of characters can make the price change, the only one that will not are Pokemon team pictures but I will charge an extra 5 :points: if you want a Trainer in there*

Short comic (2-3 panels) - 20 :points:

Medium comic (4-5 panels) 35 :points:

Long comic (6-10 panels) 50 :points:

*I have every right to deny a commission if it feels out of my league!*

What I will draw (Styles):
Animals (Normal or Anthro)
Anything anime-related (This style will take me the longest to do, so if you request one, please be patient!)
The Lion King
My Little Pony
South Park
Art for groups I'm apart of

What I will NOT draw:
Anything with sex or porn
Machinery (Unless its minor)
Fetishes of any sort
Anything too overly gory (Like the insides needing to be shown or something)

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cusackanne's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I'm just an ordinary girl with a passion with drawing. But I don't draw to gain fame or anyone's approval. I draw as a hobby and its something I enjoy, which I like sharing with others. I like making friends as well, but I prefer to take time getting to know someone instead of rushing. I love to roleplay as well. =3

I have a ton of interests, some times it feels like I have too much, hehe. Don't feel afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. ^^

I am German, Irish, American, Scottish and Cherokee. Yeah, my family tree is interesting to say the least. XD


South Park OC - William Dowell by cusackanne
South Park OC - William Dowell
William Dowell



Strawberry Blonde

May 6th

Blood Type



Roman Catholic

South Park, Colorado

Current Residence
South Park, Colorado

Personality Traits

"H-H-Hi... I-I'm William.."
Young William is very shy, tending to tug on his scarf (Nervous habit) when he first meets people. However, once he bonds with someone, he moves pass the shyness phase. However, he still stutters, even when he no longer feels shy around someone.

"You're a r-really n-nice person."
William is easily full of love and affection. He tends to give as much kindness as possible to others, even when he receives none in return. He's friendly very often, very rarely being mad at others. He's more of a forgiving type than to hold grudges.

"I-It'll be o-okay..."
Similar to Rick Ambrose, William is easily very open about showing empathy toward others. He can feel for just about anyone, even a total stranger. He will comfort anyone if they're upset (If they let him), and will easily even shed tears for them.

"H-Hey, wanna h-hang out?"
Once he gets pass his shyness, William is highly social. He loves interaction with friends and get involved with activities, showing he can be quite active if given the chance. However, he is aware of limits and will back off if needed.

"O-Oh no, it l-looks too scary..."
Everyone has their flaws, and William's flaw is being easily scared. He dislikes violence and confrontation, normally doing whatever he can to avoid getting into fights. This tends to lead to him being a victim to bullies, especially Eric Cartman, who often calls William the wimpiest kid to ever exist.

"I-I'm here... I w-wont leave you..."
Despite his shy and timid nature, William harbors a strong sense of loyalty. Once he is close with someone, he becomes loyal to them. Even if he becomes scared himself, he will not abandon his friends. And at times, due to his loyalty, he will often try to stand up for his friends and attempt to be brave, thus showing deep down, he has a sense of justice, as well.


Diane Dowell

Henry Dowell
(Father) (Note: He is divorced with his wife but still visits with his son three times a week)

Renee Miller (Half sister)(Note: William doesn't even know about her existence)

Relations (Family)

Diane Dowell

"My m-mother... She c-can be a b-bit diffcult at t-times... But she r-really means well. I k-know she struggles at t-times, but I-I'm doing my b-best to h-help her out. D-Dad might not b-be here... B-But I'll do m-my best in h-his place.."

Henry Dowell
"M-My father. For s-some reason... He and M-Mom got into a d-divorce. I-I don't know w-why, but it tends to m-make Mom upset if I-I ask, so... I just d-don't ask her. H-However, Dad still visits a-and spends time with m-me three t-times a week. I-I've asked him about the d-divorce, but l-like Mom, he d-doesn't answer and s-seems ashamed. I.... I wish I k-knew why..."

Relations (Friends (Canons and OCs alike))

Rita Ambrose

"She's a b-bit scary at t-times... But I-I've seen her a-act nice before. So s-she can't be a-all bad. I don't h-hang out with her t-too often though... M-Maybe some day..."

Rick Ambrose
"H-He's nice. I-I hang o-out with him s-sometimes. We're a b-bit similar, b-but maybe t-that's why we c-can hang out."

Andrew "Andy" Collinwood
"H-He's one of the n-nicest boys I k-know, besides another b-boy named Butters. S-Still, I like his p-personality. We h-hang out s-sometimes."

Leanne Collinwood
"A-Andy's young sister, s-she's really sweet. S-She seems to l-like me a lot, too."

Stan Marsh
"H-He can be okay at t-times. I d-don't hang out w-with him much, b-but I know h-he can be n-nice if he w-wants to be."

Kyle Broflovski
"H-He's nice. But I-I don't hang out w-with him much, s-sadly."

Eric Cartman
"I-I don't like h-him. He p-picks on me a l-lot... So I-I try to a-avoid him as m-much as p-possible..."

Kenny McCormick
"Kenny's o-okay. I-I don't understand h-him that well d-due to his p-parka, but h-he seems okay s-still."

More will be added when I don't feel lazy. XD

Fun Facts

He suffers from an unusual condition. If he feels fear/becomes scared, it causes him to endure physical pain. Usually suffering from a minor headache or a chest ache at first, but if it keeps up, it'll start to really hurt him and could endanger his life if he can't calm down.

He adores anything that involves love stories (Movies, games, tv shows, etc), but he never reveals this fact as he does not want anyone to make fun of him for it. Only those he trusts the most are allowed to know this fact.

William tends to daydream often, some times making him miss out on the school lessons.

He never judges people by appearance, nationality or even by heritage. To him, its what's on the inside that counts, never the outside.

It was mentioned before, but when nervous/shy, he tugs on his scarf in a nervous fashion. Its not known if he learned it from someone or if he just picked it up himself.

He owns a long-haired hamster, named Bailey (Based off my own niece's hamster).


"William is the single child between Diane and Henry Dowell, and was born in South Park. He's grown up around the unusual events that happen in South Park and is mostly used to them. Some scared him, others didn't. Just what happens when one grows up in a quiet little mountain town. Outside the events, William lives a normal life. However... His father had cheated on his wife with another woman and ended up getting her pregnant 3 years ago, and thus, out of grief once she found out, Diane filed for a divorce. William only knows his father is no longer living with them and that he only gets to see his father three times a week. He often asks his parents why they're not together anymore, but they never answer. And never mention he has a 3 year old half sister through his father. William, however, just tries to live his life. But the confusion of everything tends to get to him once in a while. He misses his father a lot, often wishing he could move back in with him and his mother. Perhaps one day he will learn the truth. Who knows. William just hopes one day... His father can come back into his life completely."

Yeah, another character. XD I've had him for a long time, just never worked on him until now. Similar to Leanne, he's a more basic character but is a bit more developed than she is. Just meant to be another innocent type of character. I'unno, I like writing more innocent type characters it seems. XD Hope you guys enjoy~

His original design was adopted from :iconraymanlovessouthpark:, only I changed his hair since it was fully pink before and also the style to make it more unique. Otherwise, all else remains unchanged.

South Park, its style belong to Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Rita and Rick Ambrose, Andy and Leanne Collinwood and William belong to me, however
Look, a Shooting Star! *COM* by cusackanne
Look, a Shooting Star! *COM*
Commission from :iconfredbeardude1974:

He wanted his OC Nightcat along with :iconnightlend75:'s Nightfox with their daughter Nightwolf (So many nights. XD) outside their house at night time. Nightwolf was meant to be a little kid (Like a 5 year old/kindergarten) while Nightcat and Nightfox were set to be adults.

This was the result. Tried messing around with a glow effect but I think I messed up a little... Sorry! Anyways, hope you enjoy it Fred and Nightlend~

Nightcat, Nightwolf(?), 
idea (C) :iconfredbeardude1974:

Nightfox (C) :iconnightlend75:

South Park belongs to Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Artwork is mine~

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