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I Cry Alone... by cusackanne
I Cry Alone...
Just some random doodle of Alei crying at night. :shrug:

Since she dislikes to cry in front of others, she either runs off to find a spot to be alone and cry or she waits until everyone's sleep then she lets the emotions out. I love her so much, she, like Stevia, is such a complicated character. Like Stevia, she's a very broken figure. Unlike Stevia, though, who hardened and became tougher, Alei is the direct opposite. Her brokenness crippled her emotionally and mentally. Nearly to the point of no return. Seeing her be depressed is actually common, its rare to see her be happy. However, underneath all that is a soul desperately trying to get out of the darkness it had been pulled into. Being Primal since birth also doesn't help her, since she knows she can be a killer if her special Soothe Bell (Which was made for Primals) is ever removed. Not mention a bunch of other stuff. Go and read her sheet for the whole story. |D

I feel so sorry for her 'cause of how broken she has become. She basically had no form of comfort during the hard times and thus it took her a dark road of suffering. She may be able to change her ways, however, if she's given the help she had desperately needed. But who knows what the future holds... Anyways, I tried shading and such again. I don't think I did too badly this time. Yay? Anyways, enjoy~

Also... LEAFEONS ARE JUST SUCH A PAIN TO DRAW, UGH. DX But I love Alei anyways~

Alei, drawing (C) Mes~ 

Pokemon and Leafeon belong to Nintendo~
Alei the Leafon - RotF App by cusackanne
Alei the Leafon - RotF App
Edit: Added some fun facts~

General Information




Primal Leafeon

Often gentle and soft spoken, can become quieter in tone if upset
Her voice deepens slightly to a demonic-like tone if under the influence of her Primal instincts


Quick to flee

Golden Soothe Bell
(Made specifically for Primal Pokemon, makes it easier to contain the Primal Instincts)

Map Fragment
(Has no effects, usually is pinned behind her bell, given to her by her parents)


Razor Leaf (Level up, Grass Type)
Alei spins her head leaf, unleashing small razor sharp leaves at her opponents. It has a high chance of getting a critical hit.

Wish (Egg, from father's side, Normal Type)
She closes her eyes and makes a wish, which results in her being healed on her next turn.

Aerial Ace (TM, Flying Type) (Replaces Quick Attack)
Alei confounds the target with speed, then slashes with her leaf. This attack never misses, unless the opponent is using Dig, Fly or Dive. (Used as a last resort)

Grass Whistle (Level up, Grass Type)
She whistles a soothing whistle, almost like a lullaby. She does this outside battles as well to stop arguments.


Tye the Delcatty (Father, Deceased)
Eve the Glaceon (Mother, Deceased)


Angel the Skitty
(Oldest Sister, Deceased)
Blaize the Flareon (Oldest Brother, Alive) pioneer-ryoohki
Tora the Umbreon (Sister, Alive) Neoven8tr
Marina the Vaperon (Sister, Alive) PancakeShiners
Masquerade The Espeon (Twin Sister, Alive) Emberria
Aki the Jolteon (Brother, Alive) Mkalia
Sorbett The Glaceon (Sister, Alive) DipsyTailBonder
Eevee Sibling (TBA)
Sylveron Sibling (TBA)
Tyler the Skitty (Brother, alive) cusackanne
Pecha the Skitty (Brother, alive) PancakeShiners


Two tails (maternal)
Sapphire-blue eyes (maternal) (Dominant trait)
Icy turquoise eyes (maternal)
Emerald-green eyes (paternal)
Yellow eyes (paternal)
Lighter body spots (maternal)

Physical Attributes

Alei, despite being an Leafeon, is darker than normal Leafeon due to being born Primal. Her leaves are even darker which help her with camouflage. Her eyes are a deep blue, like sapphires. She has scars here and there on her body due to from attacks caused by her unpredictable Primal twin. There is a bite mark scar on her stomach due to an encounter with a Houndoom which she's deeply sensitive and self conscious about, so whenever she sits or lies down, she hides it to the best of her ability. She also wears a Soothe Bell which has a golden bell instead of a silvery one around her neck, which helps her control her Primal instincts.

Personality Traits

Alei is a very highly sociable creature. But only if she's given a chance.

She can be very shy when first meeting others, however, she warms up to those who give her a chance.

By nature, Alei is not a fighter. If involved in violent situations, she will use Grass Whistle to try and stop fights. Its rare for her to really get involved in battles, only out of desperation or to protect herself or someone else.

Due to being Primal, she can have moments of being unpredictable if she's angered, under a lot of pressure or stressed out. She is likely to snap, attack or push away anyone in this state.

This Leafeon is sensitive by nature. Its easy to drive her to tears or make her rage depending on the situation. The levels of comfort she needs differ with the situations she's apart of. 

She has an undying sense of loyalty to those who accept her for who she is, not what she is. She'll never betray them... never hurt them... No, she'll do anything for them, even if it puts her own life at risk.

There are times Alei goes through depression. She's been through a lot, from the moment her egg was laid. Becoming corrupted before being born, being born Primal. It wasn't like she had a choice in the matter, it happened no matter what. And once she was "tame" due to the Soothe Bell, she realized she can only be like this with it on. With it off, she becomes a monster, a killer... As a result, she's come to secretly do series of self loathing, but only when she's alone or does it mentally.

Due to years of self loathing and having no form of comfort during it all, Alei has become deeply delirious. Suffering from hallucinations of a darker version of herself, always attempting to convert her back to her old self, trying to turn her back into a monster, and of course hearing voices of malice and aggression in her mind. Overall, it has made her very mentally unstable. Even possibly to the point of no return.

Low Self Esteem
Another result of her years of self loathing, she has incredibly low self esteem. She doesn't believe in herself, she doesn't boost about herself, she truly believes at times, when it gets bad, that she shouldn't of never been born. Why can't she be like anyone else? Why can't she be accepted? She usually needs a lot of reassurance before she can manage to do things. Some times she'll downright refuse, no matter how much support she's given. Although there are a selected few who can sway her no matter what.

She's kind and loving in nature and isn't afraid to display it, although most who are aware she's Primal think she's only faking it. The only ones who know it isn't fake is her siblings and her very few friends (If she gains any).

She can never, ever hate anyone, no matter what ill treatment she gets. She excepts it, due to being Primal. However, deep in her heart, she can't ever get herself to hate anyone. She's quick to forgive others, but she rarely forgives herself.

She does have a rare determined side, its what drives her to try and be normal. To try and fit in. To try and be friendly to anyone, even if she gets no kindness in return. Whatever it is, her determination is what keeps her from going totally insane, from her grief of knowing about never becoming normal to her Primal instincts from taking over.


Eve the Glaceon

"Mom... I'm sorry for causing you and Dad so much trouble when I was first hatched. I know I made it hard.. I hope in time, you'll forgive me for my past actions. You... you'd understand, Primal instincts are strong.. Once that Soothe Bell was on me... I could finally think clearly, control my actions a lot better. You were the more stern parent, and I can understand why. Our world... it's something that you can't let your guard down for long. You managed to keep us together for a long, long time. I often wished I was more like you. Brave, strong, fearless... But that's not me. It never will be. But you loved us all, even me and Masquerade. You didn't give up on us, and I love you so much... I hope to see you and Dad again some day, Mom.. Its unbearable without you around."

Tye the Delcatty

"Dad... You and I... we're so alike. We're open with our emotions. Some times they even guide our actions. On the day you got those Soothe Bells... I bit you as you tried to put it on me. And I am so sorry for it Dad... I hope you didn't hold it against me in secret. It was an accident. You always held me, always. I always felt so safe, so happy and... just so lucky to have an amazing father like you. You were the softer parent, but it didn't change my opinion toward you. And once we were all alone... I realized just how much those times together would be some of my strongest memories. I miss your loving touch, your loving embrace... I miss you so much... Please, let us meet again Dad... I'll be waiting for you and Mom..."

Blaize the Flareon

"I can't even begin to explain how much I adore you, Big Brother. You've always been there for me. I can't even imagine how I'd live without your guiding paw. I was so happy to see you after we all got separated. But then... you and Masquerade kept fighting, because of me... I'm so sorry Blaize, for being such a coward.. Please forgive me. Maybe that's why you left us. 'Cause you got sick of my spineless nature. B-But... I don't want to go back to my old self.. I can't... It was hard, so every hard. Some times, it got to be too much. I miss your presence. Like Dad, just you being there... it soothed me. I felt safe and able with you around. But... I realize I couldn't depend on you forever, dear brother... I'll do my best to stand on my own two paws. I want you to be proud of me. One day... One day, I want to see you again. Can we, Blaize? Can you grace me with your soothing presence? I miss you so much..."

Tora the Umbreon

"I... I don't know why you hate me so much. I know I... wasn't the best back then. But the Soothe Bell changed it. I hoped you would accept me then... But you just continued. I changed... but you never did. So... Perhaps we were never meant to be close. That's fine. I... can't hate you, however. You can hate me, that's okay. But just know this, Tora... you're my sister and nothing will ever change that. Perhaps one day... you'll change and realize that. I can surely hope.."

Marina the Vaporeon

"You were always so hyper, so active... But like Tora, you... picked on me. So I lashed out at you like everyone else. So when I got the Soothe Bell, I didn't know how you'd react. I figured you would be like Tora, and just... keep at it. But... you surprised me, Marina. You changed. Your teasing became less hurtful. You chose to grow close to me, you chose to accept me. And I couldn't be happier. I hope some day... we'll cross paths again. But... I hope you had an easier time than I did..."

Masquerade The Espeon

"You hatched alongside me, and what did I do? Attack you without mercy. I'm sorry for it. I hoped when the bells were on, we could bond finally... But it didn't work. You kept attacking me, but... I won't give in. You and I... we can relate, we... we can. Right? But then the separation happened... You became more and more unpredictable. Blaize left us, and things only got harder. Then... you left. I... I don't want to be alone..! And then... that Houndoom came in, tried to kill me... But you... you came back. You saved my life, Masquerade. You didn't even leave again, you stayed right by my side. I... I can't describe how touched I was then. You could of easily left me to die. But you didn't. I... I don't want our relationship to break, dear twin sister. I hope... we can continue to bond and grow even closer."

Aki the Jolteon

"Aki... I regret not spending enough time with you. I know you made Blaize very happy, finally having another brother around. You were a cute little brother, too. I... I hope you're doing okay. I want to get to know you better. I really do. Perhaps... one day, the future will grant that, and we can really bond. Please be okay Aki.."

Sorbett the Glaceon

"How can I not forget you, Sorbett? Your love for the color pink always stayed strong in my mind. I... I always saw you were hesitant around me at times, I understand. Yet... whenever I was sad, you'd always try to cheer me up. Even if it was a very unique way, but you made me smile regardless. I miss you a lot, young sister. I hope our paths will show mercy and let us meet again. I hope it'll happen someday."

Blake the Houndour

"You're an unusual one. Others of your kind usually are a little hard to read. Yet you're the most childish little Houndour I ever met. You're not so bad, at all. I do enjoy your company, Blake. I... just don't know if I can handle you if you ever evolve. I... I'll try to get over that fear, for your sake. I want to stay your friend, no matter what.."


Darkness... So much darkness. Its a given to see it before one is born, but for little Alei, it was even darker than usual. She felt the darkness throughout her body. As an unborn, she could do nothing to defend herself. As she grew within her egg, she began to become resentful of her early suffering. It hurt so much. Why didn't stop hurting? She couldn't scream for help. She was all alone... After her space became almost nonexistent, she had enough. Aggressively, she began to break through her shell, pawing, biting, headbutting, whatever she could do to escape her prison. As she emerged from her egg, she didn't scream or yelp, all she saw was red. Another Eevee, her twin named Masquerade, had hatched alongside her, with glowing red eyes as well. Her first instinct was to attack, and it didn't take long for the newborns to viciously attack one another, attempting to inflict as much damage to one another as possible. Startled, their parents, a Glaceon named Eve and a Delcatty named Tye, managed to separate the two, but not without getting bitten themselves. 

However, little Alei was only more angry. She struck out at her other siblings too. Out of anger and fear that they were all out to get her. But she fought with Masquerade and her other sisters Tora and Marina the most, due to purely out of instinct but Tora and Marina always took the chances to deliberately taunt and tease her, alongside her twin. This lasted for a full year. Eve and Tye were at their wits end, they had no idea how to calm and tame their Primal twins and were getting desperate. Yet, they couldn't abandon the twins, they just couldn't do it to their children. One day, a traveling merchant came through, and offered the exhausted parents two rare Soothe Bells. What was different about them? The bells were made of solid gold instead of silver like normal ones. The golden ones were made to be even more powerful than normal, it even effected Primal Pokemon. And since of the outbreak of Primal Pokemon being born, these bells were mainly made for them. It took all their savings, selling other items they didn't need anymore, but the merchant accepts their offer and gives them the Soothe Bells, wishing them luck with their Primal Twins.

It took some restraining, but Tye was tasked of putting the Soothe Bell on Alei, which he managed to do so while avoiding her biting, though he was bitten once. Once it was on, the Primal Eevee stood still for the first time. The bell's soothing ring took its effect almost instantly. Her eyes stopped glowing red, revealing she had deep sapphire-blue eyes. She could see so clearly for the first time in her life... Noticing the bite mark she caused her father, she instantly became remorseful. She began licking her father's injury, trying to make up for her behavior. This caused Tye to become surprised, but relieved. It looked like it had worked... Eve managed to put the other Soothe Bell on Masquerade, whom didn't have nearly have the same effect. However, her eyes stopped glowing as well and they were able to think clearly for the first time. Thus, the two became a lot more bearable. So Eve and Tye put aside their original plans of having more children in order to be able to successfully work with the twins due to them being more "tame". Alei became a more friendly, loving and kind Eevee, which in return, came with its rewards. The family came to love her new turn in life. While Alei was finally accepted among the family, secretly, Alei wasn't happy. She began to become aware just how different she truly was. She was told to never remove her Soothe Bell, or she'd turn back to her old self.

While she built stronger bonds with most of her siblings, others refused to give her a chance. One was her sister Tora, whom hated Alei from the moment she was born. Alei tried to be patient, she tried to prove herself... But Tora simply refused. And so, their relationship became a sour one. Marina was one she had to struggle to bond with at first. She remembered Marina would always tease her when she wasn't tamed, and she felt this would be no different. However, Marina surprised her. The other Eevee seemed to have a change of heart when she saw how much Alei had changed. While she still teased her Primal sister, Alei began to understand she was only... well, being herself. Thus the "teasing" she received from Marina was just playful ones, so she grew to tolerate them. Another sibling she became close to was the eldest child of Eve and Tye, their son Blaize. Her newly found gentle nature became a natural trigger in the older Eevee's protective nature as an older brother. So she came to adore him as a result, looking up to him. Other bonds she shared with her siblings were either good ones or bad ones. However, she came to love all her family members, no matter how they felt toward her.

One fateful day would change her life forever. The Eevee siblings decided to go off and play in a dungeon, although she didn't like the idea. However, not wanting to be seen as a coward, she went with them. They eventually came across a rampaging Rydon. Marina recklessly started a battle with the giant Pokemon. Alei didn't fight and tried to stay out of it. When Tye came in to handle the Rydon, the siblings scattered. She ran, not knowing where she was going. She hid for a long time, scared. However, she was eventually found by Masquerade and Blaize. She was never so relieved to see them both and they all decided to travel together and find their way back home. However, they were lost and confused. Things didn't help since Masquerade becoming far more paranoid, began to pick fights with Blaize. Alei tried her best to stop the fighting, resulting in getting attacked by her twin. One fight caused a very violent attack on Alei where she received a nasty injury on her back. Blaize, out of anger, attacked Masquerade and the two had a violent fight. It eventually stopped since Alei was wounded badly. Blaize, however, had enough of this and decided once Alei was healed and able, he would leave. Once Alei was good and able, Blaize took his leave while the twins slept. When they awoke and saw he was gone, Alei was devastated. However, she slowly accepted the fact Blaize couldn't there forever. And thus, it was only the twins left to fend for themselves.

During their travels, Alei came across a Moss Rock. The moment she lay a paw on it, she evolved into a Leafeon. Masquerade, feeling more paranoid now that Alei had a size advantage and didn't want to be outmatched, went off and found a way to evolve as well. While Masquerade left to find a way to evolve, Alei found a TM that contained the attack known as Aerial Ace. She decides to learn the move, where she forgets Quick Attack in order to learn this new move. Her twin, meanwhile, eventually became an Espeon and returns. The two moved on. But things didn't get better for the two. Masquerade became more and more unpredictable, to the point to attacking Alei for little to no reason, earning more scars on her body. During one argument, Masquerade had enough and decided to leave. Alei, alone and scared, stayed where she was. A Houndoom, whom had been trailing the two, took its chance and attacked. Alei, scared, ran off, screaming for help. One attack wounded her back paw and she collapsed. The Houndoom began to violently attack while she tried in vain to defend herself. She thought she was going to die. However, Masquerade, hearing her cries before, returned. The Houndoom suddenly bites her stomach and hard. She screams. Masquerade rushes in and attacks the Houndoom, managing to chase it off after a brief battle. Alei lay where she was, wounded and weak. She began to believe she would die. She excepted her twin to abandon her... leave her to die... Yet, she didn't. She was surprised when Masquerade stayed by her side during this. She stayed close, and scared off Pokemon who dared to approach.

Once Alei was healed and able to walk, the two moved on. Since that event, her twin's attacks became less common. Was it... they finally realized how much Masquerade did love Alei? Who knows. One day, however, something happened. The two felt heavy and weak suddenly and collapsed. They saw orbs of light coming from their bodies, which were slowly becoming transparent. Alei was scared and confused. W-What was happening?! She though they were dying. She, for the first time since the Houndoon incident, cuddled close to her twin. She didn't want to "die" alone. Masquerade, however, didn't attack and stayed close as well as they faded away. However, to their surprise, they reappeared. In a whole new world. It was bright, colorful... It confused them. However, whatever happened, the world was no longer dark. After much discussion, the twins decided to at long last, find the valley and fulfill their parent's dream. And thus, the twins go toward the valley, hoping to able to start a whole new life within this new world...

Fun Facts

Alei suffers from Haphephobia, in which she fears being physically touched. This is mostly due to her twin constantly attacking her over the years. She tends to freeze, cringe or try to back away when touched. However, only those she deeply trusts don't cause her phobia to flare up or if she is the one to do the physical contact first.

Interestingly enough, the Rose Incense has a massive effect on her. It tends to make her slightly more mellow and calm, some times even getting hyper. If under the influence of the incense for long enough, it makes her fall asleep. This is a great way to help calm her down if she's upset somehow.

Alei has vowed to never find a mate. This isn't because she dislikes the idea, she wants to settle down and have a family of her own but due to being Primal... she fears she'd only produce Primal children and also doesn't want to put a mate through this. Plus, who'd want a freak like her as a mate anyways? Or even have kids with?

Alei can't preform photosynthesis due to living in the paralyzed world for so long. How can one even do so if there was no sun and only darkness? She's likely the only Leafeon who can't preform photosynthesis as a result. Even attempting it often physically hurts her due to not being able to activate said ability since she lived in constant darkness before.

Removing her Soothe Bell causes her to revert back to being a full-fledged Primal Pokemon, which means she loses all control of herself and basically becomes a mindless killing machine. She feels no remorse or anything, just the need to attack and kill. Only the bell's chime will stop her and putting the Soothe Bell back on will change her back to normal. As a result, she's protective of her Soothe Bell, doing whatever it takes to ensure it's never removed.

Alei hates crying in front of others. Whenever she has to cry or gets the urge, she runs off to find a quiet spot to vent out the emotion. She also tends to cry more often at night when everyone's asleep. She also had learned to cry without making any noise so she doesn't wake up anyone as a result. This is another habit from her days back in the paralyzed world. 

All and any info can be changed at any given time so check in now and again~ Whew, I love this character a lot. I'm hoping to develop her a lot better this time around. C: Also, I think I managed to make her the saddest-looking Leafeon ever, oops. XD So yeah, enjoy~

Alei (C) Mes~

RotF (Rise of the Fallen) (C) :iconpancakeshiners:

All other characters mentioned belong to their respectful owners~


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Some time last year, I joined a group called :icont-r-league: (Although the original group was called something else). But I didn't join it instantly. I was actually very hesitant at first, mainly due to shyness. And I admit at first... I was a bit skeptical toward the idea. However, some where deep down, my curiosity had me keep an eye on the group, seeing how it worked, watching the creatures on there be created and shown. The more I read about these creatures, the more curious I got. Eventually, I got to where I began to like the idea. After much of deciding and waiting, I joined the group, taking in the first ever troll hybrid, Cloppy, as my first ever troll.

Even after joining, I was still a bit shy and awkward. However, I began to see just how amazing these other members were. They've had their shares of internet or real life trolls, much like anyone else. And I suddenly didn't feel like an outcast. I've had my share of these myself, mostly in real life, but also on the 'Net. As most of you know, bullying, which you can also call "trolling" on the 'Net, is a very, very serious thing. I myself, being autistic, therefore branded as "different" or "weird", endured years upon years of bullying. But being raised in a more gentle and loving environment, I never did much about it due to being a more gentle and quiet person. Even when I got the courage and told an adult about it... it either didn't do much or they did nothing. So you can imagine all the pent up anger and sorrow I've hid for so long, just letting them stew in silence.

Thanks to this group, thanks to these amazing people, and especially thanks to :iconmistressoftrolls:, I can finally face those inner demons without causing harm to someone else. For those who think this group is "tainted", I ask you to be reconsider. Give it a chance. I did so, and I was hesitant toward it myself. But now I've embraced it with open arms, and have met some of the most kind, supportive and amazing people ever through this group. We're not mean, we're people who find this as a way to harmlessly deal with bullies/trolls we've dealt with or endured. Some times... people just handle things their own way. This group is just that to many of us, especially to me. I don't know where I'd be without the support and love from this group.

So from the bottom of my very heart, I thank you :iconmistressoftrolls:, for making such an amazing group and also an amazing community! :heart: I can't tell you how much I respect you and everyone else within the group! Thank you for letting me be apart of it, too! :)

I was originally gonna make a video... but my recording quality sucks so I decided to make a journal instead. C:

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PaintTasticPony Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
same here! wanna do a mlp rp?
cusackanne Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure. ^^
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Anitarosita Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav ^w^
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