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Every comment and favorite is greatly appropriated! :)

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deviation in storage by albinoraven666fanart


ROTF NPC - Bruno the Venasaur *WIP* by cusackanne
ROTF NPC - Bruno the Venasaur *WIP*
Another overdue NPC for :iconpancakeshiners:

General Information





Deep but not too deep, often sounds gruff when annoyed or mad


Good endurance

Chef's Hat
(No battle effects)


Petal Blizzard (Level up, Grass Type)
Bruno stirs up a violent petal blizzard and attacks everything around him.

Synthesis (Level Up, Grass Type)
Bruno absorbs sunlight in order to heal himself. The amount he heals differs depending on the weather.

Double-Edge (Level up, Normal Type)
Bruno charges at the opponent, hitting them with everything he's got. It also hurts him greatly. Used as a Last Resort.

Sludge Bomb (TM, Posion Type)
Bruno spits up a ball of sludge at the opponent. Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent.


Marissa the Meganium (Mother, Deceased)
Bruce the Vensaur (Father, Deceased)


Jake the Bayleef (Younger Brother, Alive, Whereabouts unknown)
Leno the Bulbasaur (Younger Brother, Alive, Whereabouts unknown)


Bruno doesn't carry any unusual genes.

Physical Attributes

Bruno is a typical Vensaur, but is heavily scarred. Some of his leaves (And petals too) have rips and tears, but the one leaf that's supposed to be over his head is ripped, therefore exposing his forehead. Oh well, it makes wearing his chef's hat easier!

Personality Traits


Despite his tough looks, Bruno can be friendly and social.

With his big size, Bruno is very tough. He's like a tank in battle, able to endure hits and deliver hits back just as hard. Mess with him or his friends/loved ones, you'll get several vines unleashed at you. He's a seasoned fighter as a result, so don't underestimate him!

Bruno is extremely loyal to those he deems worthy of his loyalty. He stays true to them no matter what.

Who wouldn't be protective? Bruno surely is. Rather it be a loved one/someone he's loyal to or just guarding his secrets behind his cooking, Bruno doesn't let his guard down easily.

More TBA...






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Group pictures - 15 :points: *The amount of characters can make the price change, the only one that will not Pokemon team pictures but I will charge an extra 5 :points: if you want a Trainer in there*

*I have every right to deny a commission if it feels out of my league!*

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Some time last year, I joined a group called :icont-r-league: (Although the original group was called something else). But I didn't join it instantly. I was actually very hesitant at first, mainly due to shyness. And I admit at first... I was a bit skeptical toward the idea. However, some where deep down, my curiosity had me keep an eye on the group, seeing how it worked, watching the creatures on there be created and shown. The more I read about these creatures, the more curious I got. Eventually, I got to where I began to like the idea. After much of deciding and waiting, I joined the group, taking in the first ever troll hybrid, Cloppy, as my first ever troll.

Even after joining, I was still a bit shy and awkward. However, I began to see just how amazing these other members were. They've had their shares of internet or real life trolls, much like anyone else. And I suddenly didn't feel like an outcast. I've had my share of these myself, mostly in real life, but also on the 'Net. As most of you know, bullying, which you can also call "trolling" on the 'Net, is a very, very serious thing. I myself, being autistic, therefore branded as "different" or "weird", endured years upon years of bullying. But being raised in a more gentle and loving environment, I never did much about it due to being a more gentle and quiet person. Even when I got the courage and told an adult about it... it either didn't do much or they did nothing. So you can imagine all the pent up anger and sorrow I've hid for so long, just letting them stew in silence.

Thanks to this group, thanks to these amazing people, and especially thanks to :iconmistressoftrolls:, I can finally face those inner demons without causing harm to someone else. For those who think this group is "tainted", I ask you to be reconsider. Give it a chance. I did so, and I was hesitant toward it myself. But now I've embraced it with open arms, and have met some of the most kind, supportive and amazing people ever through this group. We're not mean, we're people who find this as a way to harmlessly deal with bullies/trolls we've dealt with or endured. Some times... people just handle things their own way. This group is just that to many of us, especially to me. I don't know where I'd be without the support and love from this group.

So from the bottom of my very heart, I thank you :iconmistressoftrolls:, for making such an amazing group and also an amazing community! :heart: I can't tell you how much I respect you and everyone else within the group! Thank you for letting me be apart of it, too! :)

I was originally gonna make a video... but my recording quality sucks so I decided to make a journal instead. C:

Other stuff

Founder of:


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Family Member(s):
:iconkarnagekid: (Brother)
:iconmoonnight89: (Niece)
:iconicecream954: (Cousin)

Awesome Skype group buddies~

Best/Closest Friend. I loves you (As a friend, of course)! :D

Other awesome friends (In no specific order) You people are friggin' awesome!:
:iconstarymoto::iconsprinter136::iconecholin::iconazealand::iconatashi-cloud::iconarlion16::iconmichirukaminari::iconaardvarkswalloflight::iconwolfjesyo::iconcreepyness-incarnate::iconsugar-sprinkles: :iconbloodthirstwolf: :iconcataclyptic: :iconc0m3t-69::iconpancakeshiners::iconduxul::iconskeletal-foxdog::iconaurorae-phoenix::iconicy-hurricane::iconnikaleles::iconarufa-koden::iconhayatedragoon::iconbio-hazardorca::iconemoyaoilover::iconh-appysorry: :iconagentfreckleddog: :icondragonheartluver: :iconscetwas: :iconthe-ricemaster: :iconwolf-prince-leon::iconbpskotch::iconconorxpetunia: :iconcomicunsai: :iconsilverphosphate: :icondemonocityy: :icongraybea: :iconkenyahtf: :iconmikel-lu: :iconjeffery-cat: :iconaclockwork-tangerine: :iconelica1994: :iconhtfneoheidi: :icong-do-29--anagram: :iconhankofficer: :iconthatbucketstealer: :iconkiriqueeri: :iconsweetie1995::iconbrent-roswell::iconx-queenie-x::iconjell-e-fish:

Artists I look up to (Some friends included~):
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  • Watching: Stuff on Netflix
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  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I'm just an ordinary girl with a passion with drawing. But I don't draw to gain fame or anyone's approval. I draw as a hobby and its something I enjoy. I like making friends as well, but I prefer to take time getting to know someone instead of rushing. I love to roleplay as well. =3

I have a ton of interests, some times it feels like I have too much, hehe. Don't feel afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. ^^

Current X Team:

Delphox by CreepyJellyfishSylveon by CreepyJellyfishLuxray by CreepyJellyfishMilotic by CreepyJellyfishTyrantrum by CreepyJellyfishRufflet by CreepyJellyfish
(I actually have Braviary but only using Rufflet until Braviary is added)

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